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One of the most common questions we get is how do we know the results are correct.

To know the answer to this you need to understand where the results come from.

Firstly, at the checkpoints.  The checkpoint Marshals record the arrival times, recognised OB’s, and points earned on the incident on paper.  Most directly enter those details  directly on the site.

Secondly, the checkpoint phones their results into hike control where they are checked, and entered where missing, by a data entry team.

The paper copies of the results are brought into control.

We monitor the OB count between parallel legs to see if the OB’s have different visibility.   We also check for changes in the OB count over the day to see if the count changes due to interference with the OB’s.  If any problems are found, then we compensate the affected teams appropriately.

The points in the overnight bases are checked in case there is a rogue camp ‘buddy’ who is marking drastically differently from the others.

The computer system sorts the results by team and time, resulting in what we call the team’s ‘Story’.  This shows the team’s progress through the hike.

The teams’ stories are reviewed, usually by two independent people,  and  any missing data is flagged.  The paper trail of such teams are retrieved and any problems are fixed.  The benefit of any doubt is always given to the team.  It is not unusual for this process to take into the early hours of Sunday.

Once the stories are approved, a provisional set of results are created, and reviewed. Glaring errors, drastic differences, and close results, are checked by reviewing all the paper copies from the start, checkpoints, base, and finish.

Provisional results are then passed to the hike controller for  approval.

Once approved they are published.

This process is as resilient as we can make it.


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